Our Team

We are passionate about improving food security and empowering farmers, together!

Milka Owuor

Chief Executive Officer

Milka is a co-founder at ifarm360. From her experience working with communities across Africa, Milka has seen the huge opportunity in abundance of arable land and its potential to lift millions out of poverty, through economic growth that is fairly distributed and inclusive for all. Through ifarm360, she sees a means to empower local farmers to grow and earn more.

Derrick Gaukuu

Chief Technical Officer

Derrick is passionate about digital innovations that deliver sustainable impact. He is an innovations award winner with WSA and EYA. He believes that the intersection between farmers and innovation is a powerful lever to ending hunger and poverty across sub-Saharan Africa, and sees ifarm360 as a perfect opportunity to create desired effect.

Astrid Knoblauch

Chief Investment Officer

Working as an epidemiologist in African communities for many years, Astrid has seen that the majority of the rural smallholder farmers could maximize their potential. She is passionate about using innovative technologies and leveraging data for better impact. She shares the strong values of sustainable development and sustainable investment with our valuable investors.

Michael Docherty

Chief Financial Officer

Michael is a finance specialist with extensive experience in the private sector that he is excited to bring to ifarm360. Michael believes that we must ensure that the farmers who produce what we eat are given the tools to maximise the productivity of the land and the security to provide our food. Working with ifarm360 lets him play a small role in this necessary reorientation of how we approach food production.

Jakob Kisker

Chief Product Officer

Jakob helped develop and launch new products and services for the private and third sector around the globe. He is passionate about ventures that are good for the planet, people and business. After his degree in Product Design from the University of the Arts in London he worked on innovation projects for companies like Lego, Microsoft, Dfid and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Leroy Nambute

Communications Officer

Leroy is a driven university student specializing in the communication field and has worked in the banking sector and marketing sector for one year. Leroy believes that ifarm360 is an opportunity for him to empower people all over Kenya all the while learning new things and increasing his knowledge and skills.

Frederick Juma

Chief Agronomist

Fredrick is a senior agronomist with experience working in Israel farming ecosystem. He believes that professional agronomy services is the missing link to smallholder farming in Africa and sees Ifarm as an opportunity to build these capacities around farmers

Evance Kure

Community Engagement Officer

Evance has over 10 years experience working with communities in Kenya, spanning across various industries including agriculture, health and hospitality. He is passionate about communities, social impact and shared value.