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What is crowd farming?

In crowd farming, a crowd of global investors is enabling a crowd of smallholder farmers to cultivate their abundant and fertile land by giving them access to essential starting capital.

What does ifarm360 do?

Our crowd farming platform is acting as the linchpin between the investors, the farmers, the input providers, and the produce off-takers.

For our registered farmers, we provide the necessary farming inputs, trainings and supervision and guarantee a market through pre-project off-taker contracts. Farming infrastructure such as irrigation systems are installed at ifarm360’s cost and leased to the investors and farmers for the period of the farming project.

For ifarm360 investors, we provide an opportunity to support smallholder farmers in Africa, tapping into Africa’s enormous agricultural potential thereby working towards local food security. We securely handle the investment and guarantee a return on investment at the end of the farming project.

How do I invest in a farming project?

You can invest from anywhere in the world, just take these simple steps:

Step 1 – Select one or more project(s) to invest in from the currently open farming projects

Step 2 – Select the number of units and click 'Invest Now'

Step 3 – Once all projects are selected, click on your 'Investment Cart' at the top of the page and proceed to PayPal

Step 4 – Sit back and relax as we use your investment to farm and send you regular progress updates

Step 5 – Receive your invested principal plus return on investment at the end of the farming project

Step 6 – Re-invest your principal plus return in new open farming projects

When do I get paid as an investor?

Investors are paid at the end of the farming project (i.e. the contract period). For example, if you have invested in a 6-month project, you're paid at the end of the 6 months farming project. The payback includes the principal investment plus the return on investment according to the terms of the farming project investment contract.

What are my risks as an investor?

This question is equally important to ifarm360, the farmer and the investor. Therefore, please visit this site specifically dedicated to the risk managment measures taken by ifarm360.

Why are the returns so high?

Returns are high because at every stage of production, from farm selection to the sale of produce, ifarm360 has invested time and energy to maximize profit. Our dedicated and experienced team only selects farming projects that we believe will be a success, growing crops that our market analysis suggests will be in demand.

After choosing talented and motivated farmers, we support their work from soil preparation to harvesting via monitoring and training in up-to-date best agricultural practices. In addition, we undertake pilot projects in order to generate accurate crop production projections, and, using these projections and our trusted relationships with wholesale purchasers, we sell high-quality produce at the best possible price.

How are farming profits shared?

The profit sharing is designed to minimize the risk by the investor and the farmer.

Our first two priorities are firstly, to repay all invested money and secondly, to pay the return on investment.

As a third priority, our partner farmers are paid their share of the profit, which typically is between 40-60% of the total profit.

It is only after you and our partner farmers are paid in full that ifarm360 takes its share in profit.

Is ifarm360 doing organic farming?

Yes, some projects are already 100% organic, for example our garlic and fruit tree seedlings projects. You can recognize them labelled as “100% organic”. In these projects, we are using no or only organic fertilizers.

How do I register as a farmer?

Please go to the farmer’s registration page and provide us with your contact and farming-related details.

Can I invest from outside Kenya?

Yes, not only do we welcome investors from across the globe, anywhere and anytime, it is part of ifarm360's mission to involve people from around the world in the agricultural revolution in Kenya and beyond.

For Kenyans, or investors with a Kenyan bank account, or anyone investing through MPESA, the contract currency is Kenyan Shilling. For all others, the contract currency is US Dollar whereas ifarm360 is carrying the currency risk over the investment period.

What forms of payment does ifarm360 accept?

Currently, we work through PayPal and MPESA (for our local Kenyan investors).

Every credit card can be linked to a PayPal account easing online payments worldwide. Register on PayPal here.

Direct credit card payments is available shortly.

Has ifarm360 already successfully completed farming projects?

Yes, since its launch in early 2020, ifarm360 has already successfully crowed sourced several farming projects, implemented them, and was able to harvest crop. Early investors have already been paid back. Please see our current statistics here.