How do We manage RiskS?

Farming comes with risks. Through careful selection of farmers and crops, the selection of necessary crop insurance, agronomy support and market analysis we mitigate them.

Climate Risk

Weather information determines optimal timing of planting and harvesting

Solar powered irrigation systems

Certified drought tolerant seeds

Soil Risks

Data-driven crop selection, preserving soil quality over the long term

Regular soil health checks so yields are maximized season after season

Organic methods used where possible, reducing the stress placed on the soil

Farmer Risks

Working with trusted farmers & cooperatives with whom we build relationships

Supervised production, with advice on modern techniques offered to all farmers

Produce from different farmers in multiple locations is combined, reducing the risk that a contract cannot be fulfilled

Crop Failure

Crop insurance that covers unavoidable pests or diseases and adverse weather conditions

Supervised production, including crop loss mitigation techniques

Contracts with large off-takers provide guaranteed markets with a fixed price and quantity

Your investment is made in KSh. For our investors investing in USD we are not covering the exchange risk.

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