Digitizing the Food Supply Chain in Africa.

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Fresho Social Commerce

Powered by youth and women keen to participate in the digital economy, delivering fresh produce to their community.
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We connect farmers direct to markets and reduce inefficiencies across the food supply chain and post-harvest losses
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Crowd Funding

Unlocking capital for small holder farmers through crowd funding.
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The team

OUR Team

Milka Owuor

Chief Executive Officer

Frederick Juma

Chief Agronomist
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Evance Kure

Community Engagement Officer

Astrid Knoblauch

Chief Investment Officer

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Our Latest News

Ifarm Launches Fresho Social Commerce Platform

We have launched a social commerce platform to empower micro-entrepreneurs to participate in the growing digital food economy in Africa and deepen e-commerce penetration in underserved communities while enabling more direct route to market for producers. With a growing network of agents/resellers (mainly women and the youth) we are building a low cost distribution system that delivers fresh produce and essentials goods to underserved urban and peri-urban communities.