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Powered by youth and women keen to participate in the digital economy, delivering fresh produce to their community.
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We connect farmers direct to markets and reduce inefficiencies across the food supply chain and post-harvest losses
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Unlocking capital for small holder farmers through crowd funding.
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Milka Owuor

Chief Executive Officer

Frederick Juma

Chief Agronomist
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Evance Kure

Community Engagement Officer

Astrid Knoblauch

Chief Investment Officer

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Our Latest News

Farmers are winning

“For the longest time, here in Molo, we planted potatoes but getting markets was a big challenge. Now with ifarm360, we can now sell more and farmers here are happy,” says Kinyanjui, one of the potato farmers we serve in Molo, Nakuru County.

Kinyanjui is part of a smallholder farmer group that primarily farms potatoes as the core economic activity. From their small farms they have been bale to take children to school, improved their homes and resiliently contributed to the economic growth of Nakuru county.

However, accessing guaranteed, timely and structured markets has been a challenge leaving them exposed to exploitative middlemen.

With a 360 approach to commercial farming, we are ensuring that farmers access quality inputs, technical know-how and markets to enable them to compete in the market, promote food security and improve their economic status.

We want to ensure that these farmers are the biggest beneficiaries of the decade-long $1 trillion food economy.
Powering food security, Together!